“Beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror”

Struck by the spiritual power of this verse, the young and talented Korean composer Jongin Moon, set to music Rilke’s Duino First Elegy. The composer, living in Berlin since 2010, did not simply write this music: he has meditated through the seven notes on the Beauty. Thanks to such an artistic procedure, he reveals, maybe unintentionally, a part of his soul.

It is about a troubled spirit, which has just discovered that Beauty is not an absolute, but a correlative concept. The Beauty – eternal aim of every artist – can also be found in the Evil, as Baudelaire already described in The flowers of Evil. Only a superior sensibility, through art, is able to say how Beauty arises out of Evil, how Beauty returns to Evil.

Beauty, when it is really grasped, is a terrific event, as well as Evil: the human being experiences the Beauty only by undertaking the huge risk of a modification in the self. With an extremely refined sound, succeeding in combining innovation and classicality, Jongin Moon tells us a story about the birth of the Hope and the Beauty. Every vibration of his heart that he puts down in notes sings of the indissoluble link between Beauty and Evil, paving the way for Hope. Therefore is his music religious, and in this supernal significance resides its great value.

For more infos, please visit: http://soundcloud.com/mjicompo/hommage-rainer-maria-rilke-f-r

Text by Matilde Flori

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