Artistic textiles by Juro & Julia

Juro Grau – painter, graphic and illustrator – shows me her amazing atelier in Wedding, the new frontier of the artistic scene in Berlin, with the natural bashfulness sometimes characterising true artists.

Inspired by the Art brut, by comics, graffiti art and Jean Michel Basquiat, she has developed a very personal style. In particular, she loves to work with different types of alphabet, with the gesture language, coats of arms, icons and symbols.

Together with her partner Julia Moritz, costume and project designer, they founded the Moritz Grau Textiles, based in Berlin and Milan. Selecting only the finest textiles from the northern Italian tradition, and mainly employing cashmere, alpaca, mohair, camel air, angora and linen, they transfer, with exquisite handmade embroideries, their original drawings on draperies.

Embroideries are realised only as unique works and small series, and sold in art galleries, and prestigious designs shops in Lucerne, Osaka, and Seoul.

With the sophistication of those who know that art does not need to be intrusive to be beautiful, does not need
any physical bigness to be art, Juro & Julia’s embroideries are always measured, since they aim to an harmonic fusion between textiles and drawings.

Space does not compete with embroideries, but embroideries are defined also from the space and the high quality textile, and vice versa the emptiness of the space is exalted by the noninvasiveness of the embroidery.

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Text by Matilde Flori

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