NYFW WITH LYST.COM: Next up 3.1 Philip Lim

3.1 Phillip Lim was “everything.” He was having “a moment.” “I literally die.” (which coincidentally would have also been a moment, a very serious one, if I was literally literal). It was “major,” it was “beyond,” it was whatever cliche you want to throw at it. Bottom line – I would werq this collection in a way that was make me radiate hotness and also look fashionable without having to condescendingly explain to people I was fashionable. These clothes would quietly condescend for me.

For me, this collection toyed with the meaning of “duality” and how it created illusions of form by exploring the idea of shadow mapping and paneling. It used positive and negative space to evoke the nothing of a neo-noir heroine with a strength that belies her innate vulnerability. Please, that wasn’t me, that was the PR team’s interpretation, but I am totally into it and I think I am that heroine. I think this was designed for me. (It should be noted, I grew up with a lot of positive support).

Anyway, on to some of my favorites from the collection (note the jackets with optional sleeves!):

Although he clearly designed this collection with me in mind, nobody is perfect, the below I do not believe were designed for my heroine because I am not into mumus or wearing bits of a stuffed animal on top of my gorgeous tailored clothing. But that is just me.

Again, I have failed you on the gawking front, but this time is is because the smoke machine was a little more assertive that any of us hoped. However, I did take these intentionally genius photos which I think also exude duality (because sometimes they are so out of focus, it looks like two poeple.), as I said, intentional genius.
VOTE: I would look HOT and FASHIONABLE in this



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