Park and Cube at Meadham Kirchhoff

You gotta give it to the Meadham Kirchfoff duo to put on the most vibrant, borderline-absurd and eclectic show of all London Fashion Week – in fact it’s one of my favourite shows that finish off the week in a high note and this season was no exception. Think cherubim doll ringlets, oversized ribbons, pearl-encrusted nails and wafer corsets. At first glance it’s Mary Antoinette but on closer look there’s so much more hiding under the frill layers – Minnie mouse made a quick appearance, there’s also a bit of Bo Peep in the full skirts, and look, even a white-denim jacket! The models strolled out fleetingly, picking up a flower or licking off the icing of a cupcake – and it wasn’t the traditional walk down the runway, they were weaving through screens decorated with velvet-covered chairs, fruits, cakes and flowers. If anything, this season Meadham Kirchhoff finished the week London on a sugar high.

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