The Butterfly Catcher

How do you catch a butterfly in the darkness? How do you catch a cloud and pin it down? Life’s dreamers will torture themselves trying to capture the beauty of nature, only to realise that it can never be caught, only imitated.

But this season the romantic can content himself with clothes that nature would smile on; Kenzo‘s scudding cloud prints are brought to earth by Dries Van Noten‘s pyjama stripes, and Dolce and Gabbana‘s rich tapestry floral shoes make even the plainest trousers bloom.

A feather in your cap and Miharayasuhiro’s timeless patent brogues will take you down country lanes and onwards to the next bucolic fantasy.
Wear your shirt tails long and your tailoring outsize – like wings, ready to take flight.
The Butterfly Catcher never stays earthbound for long.

Ph: Alessio Bolzoni
Grooming: Paolo Soffiatti
Model: Tomek Szczukiecki

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