J-ART – A tribute to abstract Italian art of the 20th century

Inspired by the art of abstraction, stripped of frills, colors, and appearances, only the substance remains.
And so we began with the substance, as suggested by masters of abstraction like Enrico Castellani and Agostino Bonalumi, who find new visions in the extreme purity of a blank canvas by experimenting with its shape. Like an art exhibition, the sequence of three dimensional paper sculptures, as well as the interpretation of the artist, leaves space for the imagination and for a play of light and intense shadows. Here we find 3D surfaces like minimalist paintings where the viewer’s attention moves rhythmically from the 3D surface to the very precious jewel, the real protagonist of our images.

A magical light pervades the Daniela Villegas’ ‘Jupiter’ pendant and the Jade Jagger ring with a large central aquamarine that seems suspended between dreams and reality. The iridescent, multicoloured opals of the ‘Bokop’ bracelet by Irene Neuwirt illuminate the scene. Inspired by surrealism, Lito’s diamond and sapphire eye pendants perch like bees on a flower. Fun, with a lot of personality, the “Level 256 Collection” two-finger ring by Federico Primiceri positions itself at the top of the latest trends, while Greek designer My.A stands out for her earrings with their rigorous, sculpture-like geometrics in pink sapphires and green diamonds.


Photos by Gianuzzi Marino
Fashion Editor Giulia Romani & Martina Zanicotti
Paper art work special thanks to The Makerie Studio

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